The SxrWebModel script represents one model that has been uploaded and converted, and is available in the cloud for streaming. An SxrWebModel component always needs a reference to an SxrWebStreamController component to function.

The Source Url parameter needs to be the url to the sxrweb file. IE. https://stream.senseofspace.io/demos/space-shuttle-new/model.sxrweb, or https://stream.senseofspace.io/demos/space-shuttle-new/ (without the file extension, it will be resolved automatically).

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The next parameters are the Materials. More info about that can be found in the Materials paragraph. The Regular opaque material and the transparent material are separated because semi transparent materials have much more overhead. 

The Override Level can be put to one if a model is very large (more than 5M triangles) and be put to one to make everything always render in slightly lower quality. This parameter will be removed in the future, and the process will be automated, but if you already wish to stream massive environment maps right now you can put it to 1.

The Normals parameter decides the source of the normal data, the normal map option is not currently available, but will be made available in later releases.

The flags for the different texture channels (Emissive, Metallic-Roughness, Occlusion and Alpha) enable and disable certain texture maps. If you want to use the metallic roughness channel in your shader you have to enable the option. This way we can avoid downloading, decompressing and storing textures that are not used.

Updated 12 Apr 2022
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