The SxrWebStreamController script manages the downloading, updating and displaying of models.

It needs to have a reference to a camera object to decide what geometry to show and what geometry to hide. The other two parameters control the visual quality of the streamed models.

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The Triangle Budget is a limit on the amount of triangles that will be drawn per frame. Increasing this will lead to better visual quality, but of course also higher GPU utilization.

The Max Consecutive Downloads parameter controls how many downloads can happen simultaneously. Increasing lower latency in the quality improvement of geometry when moving towards it, but it will also put higher strain on the CPU and network. 

Both these parameters should be optimized for the target hardware and desired visual quality.

Note: It is possible to change the parameters at runtime, so during certain sequences of the game the resource utilization can be adjusted.

Note 2: It is possible to have multiple SxrWebStreamController components active in a scene at one point in time.

Updated 30 Mar 2022
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