Client Implementations

At the moment, you can utilize the geometry streaming system with Web 3D applications, such as platforms based on Three.js or A-Frame.

The system can also be utilized with Unity Engine and Mozilla Hubs platforms.

Unreal Engine coming soon.

If there's any other platform you would like to use, please contact us at contact@senseofspace.io

Unity Engine

  • Platform independent app development.
  • Considerably better performance than Web 3D on all devices.
  • Materials and shading support.
  • Stream from an online or an offline source.
  • Up to 50M polygons on stand-alone VR Headsets such as Oculus Quest 2 - which natively can only handle well around 1M polygons.

Enabling very large models in Unity-based apps and platforms, on all devices seamlessly.

Web 3D, Three.js / AFrame, Mozilla Hubs

Browser-based implementation.

Smooth performance:

  • Up to 30M polygons on modern mobile phones.
  • Up to 100M polygons on a Gaming PC.

PBR shading support.

Utilize end-user’s GPU for full rendering.

Occlusion culling.

Rapid and smooth viewing of large, high-quality 3D models. No app installation needed.

Updated 11 May 2022
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