Introduction & Benefits

In this documentation, you can find all the relevant information for Sense of Space 3D Geometry Streaming system, including how to use, features and limitations.

With Sense of Space 3D Streaming, you can stream large 3D models in a cross-platform way, into any device. From web desktop to mobile devices and stand-alone VR headsets.

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Streaming Large 3D Models to the End User’s Device

Allow end-users to consume big 3D models rapidly by only downloading the geometry that has relevant visual impact for the user, at their specific position and bandwidth. With Sense of Space 3D Streaming, you can stream large 3D models into your platform or projects without taking local storage space, leveraging the amount of polygons that is possible to be shown in a cross-platform and multi-device way.


  • Only transfer geometry that is needed in the user’s current position and field of view in the scene.
  • Geometry and textures are compressed. Compression method optimized for lightweight decompression.
  • Minimal back-end server requirements.
  • Utilize end-user’s GPU for full rendering.
  • Extremely cost-effective compared to pixel-streaming.

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Updated 06 Apr 2022
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