Unity Engine - Volumetric Video

In this guide, you will learn how to stream a Hologram from your Hologram Library inside a Unity Project using our SXR Unity Plugin.

Installation You can find the download of the Unity Plugin in your Web Dashboard. The plugin is distributed as a zipped folder (.zip). To install the plugin into an existing Unity project, extract the zip file to your Unity project’s Packages directory. Unity will automatically detect the plugin.

Usage In the Unity Editor, you should now be able to see the SXRWeb Reader folder. Inside you will find a “Hologram” prefab that can be used to play holograms in Unity. Just drag and drop the “Hologram” prefab into your scene.

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To Play a hologram, you need to fill in the URL for the published hologram in the parameters of the Hologram script component. You also need to specify the video quality (beware higher = more bandwidth) and your unique Developer License. You can find your Developer License for Plugins in your web Dashboard, just copy and paste in the field.

Note: When exporting a hologram from Sense XR make sure to activate “Publish for Unity and Unreal Engine” option, otherwise the data won’t run in the engine.

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Playback the Hologram To pause, continue playing or set the play-time, it is possible to directly use the videoPlayer component inside of the Hologram prefab. From here it is also possible to change the audio from global audio to positional audio.


That’s all you need to populate your Unity Project streaming your published holograms from Sense XR. You can build your application for any platform, including Mobile AR and Oculus Quest.

Any question, please write to: contact@senseofspace.io

Updated 11 Apr 2022
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