8th Wall Integration

Using The SXRWeb Player in 8thWall


  • A-Frame based project in 8thwall
  • Your hologram converted by Sense XR Studio or Sense XR API in the sxrweb format, containing:
    • hologram.sxrweb

Uploading the hologram to your project

You can either upload the hologram.sxrweb file to 8th Wall or host it on another server/service:

Upload to 8th Wall:

  • Upload hologram.sxrweb. 8thwall only accepts a very limited number of file types as assets, so in order to upload an sxrweb file, you need to place it into an asset bundle. Press the + icon next to the word ASSETS and select New asset bundle… / Other…

  • Drag-and-Drop your hologram.sxrweb to the files area.
  • Select hologram.sxrweb as your main file and press Create Bundle.

You can also access the hologram.sxrweb from another source / server. Make sure the server serving the sxrweb file supports range requests (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Range_requests)

Updated 01 Feb 2022
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