Upload and Convert a 3D Model

In this guide you will learn how to upload and convert a 3D model into a Streamable Model using the Sense of Space 3D Streaming Platform.

  1. Log in to the platform with your user ID and Password at https://platform.senseofspace.io
  2. Click on "Conversions" and choose a file to convert. Currently only .GLB files are supported. In case your file is a .FBX or .OBJ you can easily convert to .GLB using Blender or online tools. In case you're converting a Photogrammetry model, be sure to check the Photogrammetry Model checkbox.
  3. Enter Model Name and Creator (optional).
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4. Enter Asset Name. The converted model can be viewed at the User Name / Asset Name generated URL, for example: https://stream.senseofspace.io/{username}/{assetname} For example, if your user name is “test-user” and you convert a model with the name “test-asset”, it will be available at: https://stream.senseofspace.io/test-user/test-asset

5. Press the “Convert” button. You will see a message that the file is being uploaded and the upload progress. You can do multiple conversions at once, even while one is still uploading. Do not leave or refresh the page until all uploads have finished - you can leave or close the page meanwhile the conversion process is happening.

6. Once an upload is finished, the asset will appear in the asset list, and you can track the progress of the conversion.

7. When the conversion is finished, the asset status in the list will be “ready” and you can click the asset’s name to view the converted model in the web viewer.

Document image

Now your new Streamable Asset is living on the cloud and ready to be streamed on the web or to VR/AR devices using any of our integrations, which you can find in the Plugins & Apps section.