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With our Unity Plugin you're able to stream large models inside any Unity Engine based applications or projects and build for desktop, mobile apps or VR headsets. Leveraging the amount of polygons that can be displayed, in a cross-platform and multi-device way. The models will be stored in the cloud, which means that they won't take local storage, making your projects and applications much smaller in size.

You can use these test data URLs for demo testing the Unity Plugin:

The plugin is provided as a zip archive you can find at Plugins & Apps inside our platform. It can be unpacked anywhere on your computer. When you have unpacked the package, add it to your Unity project as follows:

Step 1: Open the Package manager in Unity.

Document image

Step 2: Select “Add package from disk…”

Document image

Step 3: Select the package.json file inside of the unpacked package.

Document image

If everything went correct, the package should now be visible under the Packages list in the project panel.

Document image

Note: if you decide to place the package inside your project’s Assets folder, it is important to still also add the package to Unity’s package manager. If you don't do this, the dependencies will not be loaded correctly.

Updated 10 Jun 2022
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